Burger Royale Menu


2921 ON-11, Oro Station,

705 487-6978


11am to 9pm

only fresh produce

After a decade of catering Simcoe County/Muskoka’s signature events and providing the same geographical area with world class pizza, Dave and Craig have developed an eye for first class quality ingredients. These same ingredients translate well into their menu making a gourmet experience out of a pedestrian offering. We are sure you will share the same thought after your first visit. See you soon!

the people
behind the food

Dave Irwin, Head Chef / Head Palate of Cravings and Craig Russell, Co-owner and Creative driving force behind PIE have teamed together to bring Barrie a great new Burger experience.
Both Dave and Craig have tried many great burgers (6 packs are long gone) but felt it was the appropriate time to get in on the fun with a high quality offering without the premium$ on the ‘premium’! After sharing in depth ideas and concepts during a Morel foraging outing in the Simcoe County woods, voila, Burger Royale was born!!” 

a world class shake

the beautiful shake sometimes gets lost in the shadows or falls by the wayside and we are completely aware of it. That’s why we are giving them the love they deserve and have come up with signature recipes of silky goodness that will pair well with any of our menu offerings. Let us know what you think or share ideas with us, we are all ears!!