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Slide CAN'T WAIT TO SERVE YOU A PREMIUM CUSTOM BLEND OF BEEF WORTHY OF KNIGHTHOOD Slide GOLDEN RINGS TO MARRY YOU Taste the difference homemade to order makes!! Slide Slide Dignified shakes earning the respect they deserve! SHAKE IS BACK!!!

Burger Royale Menu

After a decade of catering Simcoe County/Muskoka’s signature events and providing the same geographical area with world class pizza, Dave and Craig have developed an eye for first class quality ingredients. These same ingredients translate well into their menu making a gourmet experience out of a pedestrian offering. We are sure you will share the same thought after your first visit. See you soon!

Contact & Opening Hours


Address: 162 Napier St, Barrie, ON L4M 1W5
Phone: (705) 503-7695